Batteryspace Universal Charger - how does it work?


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Apr 25, 2005
Kentucky, USA
Probably discussed endlessly, but I'm a total noob, so don't want to burn the house down or something. This is the 28 buck, .9/1.8A version.

I can't decipher the instructions. It seems to be saying that it flashes green for trickle, and solid green for done. Mine went from red (charging) straight to solid green. Been there a couple hours now, so maybe it will flash green in a while to indicate done, and I've got it backwards. Just wondering how other people's act.

Also, what setting should I use. The two things I'll be charging are a FM 9x4/5A 2000mA holder in place and a FM 6x2500/2600 holder in place. The 6x is Energizer and Titanium. My concern is the difference in charging for high current (i.e. CBP1650 etc.) and regular NiMH and regular old batteries.

I'm using .9 for the 9x4/5A and 1.8 for the 2500/2600, but don't understand enough to know if this is correct.

Thanks for any help :)