Best AA's for Modamag's 8AA-D, for non-flashaholic

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Sep 25, 2004
Best AA\'s for Modamag\'s 8AA-D, for non-flashaholic

I ' m building 5 Mag74 ' s in 2D bodies to give as Christmas presents to non - flashaholics . I ' d love to be able to use alkalines for ease - of - use but they just won ' t flow the amps without huge voltage drop . So I ' ve resigned myself to use Ni - MH ' s . I have CBP1650s for my own Mag 85 but without the button top , they ' re a pain to charge without some type of adapter in conventional , off - the - shelf battery chargers that I intend to give with the flashlights . Plus , they don ' t work well in Modamags 8AA to D ' s . < br /> < br /> Knowing that 2000 or 2100 MAH is about the max capacity for cells that will produce hi current flows , and that will fit in an unbored mag , what is the best highest capacity Ni - MH , button top cell for this non flashaholic use ? < br /> < br /> Its bad enough that I have to use rechargeables and 7 of them because I don ' t really know if the receipiants will put up - long term - with the hassles of two charge cycles ( 7 total cells for a 4 cell charger ) every time the batteries are expended . I want them to use these lights , not have them collect dust somewhere . Any other thoughts on my dilemma in addition to a cell recommendation ?
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