Automotive Best H7's for 2015 Merc ML350


Flashlight Enthusiast
Feb 20, 2009
SW, PA has really nice LED h7 bulbs. If 'timed' correctly they will be close to the correct beam pattern, with a lot more light.

Yes "with a lot more light" in all the wrong places. LEDs are just as inappropriate to attempt to shoehorn into halogen housings as HIDs are. They are not capable of being focused, as they are too large in width and do not emit an even 360* sphere of illumination. Most flat face LEDs emit a 120* cone, with higher intensity as you angle directly above the emitter. They cannot fully illuminate the reflector (or reflector bowl, if projector based) in the same manner, and there will be significant changes in the beam pattern, as well as where the highest intensity region of light is.

LEDs typically produce a very even appearing wall of light, with not much light being directed towards the high intensity zone near the horizontal cutoff of the lowbeam. While a massive amount of light near the vehicle feels comforting, and gives the impression of great improvements in the ability to see, it is not useful to see things 50' from you when you really need to see thing 5x or more that distance. I can link to some testing on another forum if you want to see some results in both projector and reflector based lamps.