Best infinite light adjustment led flashlight recommendations


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Oct 20, 2010
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I have owned many of the "ring" control lights - and like others here - I have experienced failure or other issues during the lifetime of ownership - however - with that said the new 2022 year model or newer - JetBeam RRT01 Raptor has easily won me over - it has a 18350 battery that is great for longer use periods - the previous versions had issues if they were dropped or beat around too much, the rings were always lose or sticky - but not this one - It has a tail clicky button for on and off and the ring works flawlessly all the way down to where i can just barely see the emitter on - (and it comes with many different temp led's to choose from) I have owned it now for well over a year and it is really awesome - It is everything that i was looking and more. I would agree that the older JetBeam and SunWay man, Fenix, etc.... lights were all very similar and riddled with issues - but the new JB RRT01 Raptor is the way to go - you can find them for less than $60 with the rechargeable battery and the extra tube for conversion to 18650. Definitely highly reccomended unless you have money to blow on the HDS rotary. I have the Sure Fire UDR for the other end of the spectrum - (which i highly reccomend as well - But not cheap at all)