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Mar 11, 2004
Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada
Pila GL3: Mine is off-duty, due to a minor problem while EXTREME torture-testing (who knew throwing it 3 metres, and it landing after a 2 metre height, onto pavement at -25 C would cause the lit bulb to burst, the LED lens to separate, and would scratch up the body - SHEESH!), but even with the original 120 lumens lamp assembly, then particularly after I up-graded to the new 200 lumens lamp assembly, it was VERY impressive when used to check "client" vehicles. I preferred to use RCR123A 600 mAh 3.0 v ic protected regulated cells in it, and carried a back-up set of cells in an extra mag pouch on my duty belt. I also carried my charger and DC cord in my duty bag, just in case, but the cells never died out during a single 18:00 - 04:00 shift;

LED Logic Striker VG: It is one of my 2 always-on-the-duty-belt lights, and I also carry the spare cells, and charger w/DC cord, for it as above. Runs on 2 Powerizer white & orange 3.0 v cells. While I have not used the strobe on a "client", about 14 other of my partners liked my light so much, they bought their own. My partners tell me that the light output, and run-time of the cells, is quite impressive;

Goncz M3: Currently standing in for my GL3 as my other always-on-the-duty-belt light. Operates on 3 RCR123A 3.7 v protected unregulated cells, and spares carried per above. Sometimes I also carry my DSD charger that has a hard-wired AC cord and a DC inverter in my duty bag;

Goncz E3: Currently my next-to-go-to-as-a-back-up light, but also used as a pass-around, along with the above lights, to some of my less-en"light"ened partners. Runing on 1 18650 2200 mAh 3.7 v cell. Very impressive light output;

Mag 3 C ROP LE HO: Not currently in-service, due to lack of cells, but was VERY impressive when working. Awaiting fund recovery. Makes standard Mags look stupidly dull, as well as being lighter, shorter and easier to carry;

Mag 3 C: Using a potted Carley 809 bulb and 3 AW 18500 1400 mAh 3.7 v cells. No ROP LE HO, mind you, but still makes a standard Mag look foolish;

Mag 2 C: Also uses a potted Carley 809 bulb, but running on 3 Powerizer white & blue RCR123A 650 mAh 3.6 v cells. REALLY makes a Mag 3 D look ridiculous;

Mag 2 C: Uses a KPR118 7.2 v bulb, and runs on 2 Pila 300P cells. It is nowhere near as impressive as its 2 & 3 C bretheren mentioned previously, but still better than a standard Mag 3 C or D;

Wolf-Eyes M90X: Running on 2 AW black and silver 18650 2200 mAh 3.7 volt protected unregulated Li-ion cell. I have to admit, I prefer the GL3 above, as the light output is not what I would have expected, and it can not run on 4 RCR123A 600 mAh 3.0 v ic protected regulated cells. However, it is still far brighter and runs longer than a Streamlight Stinger or Polystinger, and far more versatile in that the cells are charged outside of the light body, so you can carry back-up cells and keep going (almost like a cool drummer bunny!)

Call me crazy for my choices, either in illumination tools or employment. Over 31 years of service, all in uniform, arresting drunk driving, domestic disputing and business B&E-ing "clients", and looking good while doing so! And, per some above comments, only have drawn my sidearm about 8 times, never fired it at a human, had 1 gun pointed at me, and ducked bullets only once ("friendly fire" - now THAT's an oxymoron!).

Anyways, JonSydneyB (AKA jsburlysflashlights), LED Logic, AW,, BatteryStation, BatterySpace are just some of CPF's best when it comes to dealing with customers, so you can't go wrong with any of them, or the vast majority of CPF members for that matter. Sasha, though - I don't know!:sssh: :whistle:


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Feb 17, 2007
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Flash-addict said:
and one more thing. small enough to clip on to my tactical vest. about the size of the l7 surefire or l2dce. thanks

Please use proper capitalization. Oh and for a light try a Surefire L7.
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Dec 6, 2006
zk188 said:
Please use proper capitalization. Oh and for a light try a surefire L7.

ZK, don't you just hate it when you make a mistake yourself? Capital S for Surefire :)