Better grip for Nitecore MH1C



Newly Enlightened
Jun 4, 2021
Don't know if this fully qualifies for a modification but I thought I would pass this along.

I have two Nitecore MH1C flashlights. These are single cell CR123A lights. They are just a tad over 4" OAL so not a lot to get a grip on, and my fingers were always resting on the smooth portion of the lights. It always felt kind of slippery.

So I had some extra rubber sleeves for the Streamlight Scorpion (Xenon Bulb) that I bought on eBay many years ago. I cut the sleeve into small sections and stretched them out over the smooth portions of the MH1C and behold, I now have a much better grip on these smaller lights. I now feel more comfortable using these in the rain or snow, not fearing I will lose my grip.

Don't know if there is anything else I could have used to achieve the same goal but it worked and I'm happy.