Big Blades (That's a knife!)


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Sep 20, 2020
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Here it is finally. Like I said, not panning to do very much chopping with it, this one is mostly just for the collection. Ordered on the 2nd of march, shipped with DHL Express on the 20th of April. Shipping took just 4 days. I was particularly impressed by how little the shipment was held up in customs, I was able to simply pay the customs fees online & have the box delivered to my door.

15.5" polished blade, polished horn handle with the Salyani scabbard. I was attracted to the Munity in particular due to its prominently fullered blade. Spine is 8mm at the base with a consistent distal taper throughout. Balance is about 4" in front of the guard. VERY lively in the hand, even compared to a short sword. I obviously have no experience handling historical Kukris, but the handling is lovely for my taste. Weight is about 560g, which you wouldn't expect just by looking at it. Many modern Kukris seem to be overweight (often due to lack of distal taper & non-tapered full tangs), im glad this is not at all the case with the Munity. The handle is very comfortable. I also like that the notch (Cho) is not as big as one some other reproductions, it is very reasonably (historically) sized. Drawing/sheathing is very easy.


On picture Nr.2 it looks like there is a small chip in the horn handle. This is merely a reflection of the light, the handle is undamaged.

Negatives? Really not much. The leather scabbard was a little dry out of the box, not a bit deal. There is a bit of "roughness" in the finishing on either side at the base of the blade around the cho area (can be seen in pic. 2). The rest of the blade is very well finished & polished, especially the spine. Not sure what happened there. Sharpness "out of the box" was less then paper slicing sharp, but a minute with the work sharp on a fine belt fixed that right up.

Overall Im very pleased with my Munity. Lovely quality & lovely handling. For now, my desire for a historical Kukri has been satisfied. Should I order another Kukri from Kailash (or anyone else for that matter) in the future, then I would probably go with something more conservatively sized (12-13") and with a slightly longer handle.

Tell me what you think. I think its quite the looker.
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Feb 11, 2017
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I have read the odd shaped choil area "cho" is purposely shaped like a cows teat as a reminder to Hindus never use a kukri to kill sacred animals.

My guess, that rough area is where maker clamps into blade, assisting, while being shaped.. Beautiful knife!