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Oct 5, 2011
Cape Cod, MA
Greetings to all, starting a thread out of respect for large bright lights that have high lumens, throw the beam downfield, and can do so for longer than 60 sec. Through the years, I've seen and have been blessed enough to enjoy some great powerhouses. Olight sr 92 and 95, acebeam x65. Have smaller great lights as well. I am indeed looking for a larger light, but the point of this thread is to hear about your experiences with larger lights. Ones you've used, have and kept, sold, wish you had or had again.


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Nov 21, 2014
Prescott Az
Big lights!

I love huge lights that at the highest mode, can light up the whole neighborhood for a few seconds, or half the neighborhood for a minute, or a quarter of the neighborhood for a few minutes or one-eighth of the neighborhood for half an hour.

Because I like big lights, my flashlightical views lean heavily toward both the extreme bright and the extreme heft.

Normal people walk around with big dogs. They look normal. I walk around with big flashlights. My flashlights have bitten less people then Teds' dog.

My Big Lights:

12. Acebeam X65vn spec 1. 8 x 18650, 5 x XHP35. Dec. 2016, 11,500 lumens. I became super excited as soon as its specs were released months before the light itself was released. This light
has the beam performance that I always wanted from other lights that just can not do what this can do.

15. Acebeam X65vn spec 1. March 2017, 11,200 lumens. Not being content with the first one that Vinh got, I needed another one of these superlative beam generators
for my other hand. If you want to feel what it's like to be at the outer limits of the hand held led universe, fire up one of these in each hand, and you will feel that feeling.

19. Imalent R90TS. July 16, 2019. 36,000 lumens, 1750 meters throw. 18 x XHP35, 8x 21700 Samsung 40T pack, two fans. I purchased the stock version Imalent R90TS from Vinh54. My main area of interest is beam profile/beam performance. Beam profile similar to X65, but with a little more throw and some more beam width, and some more spill, with more lumens on the target at given range, but in the form of a larger hotspot.

20. Acebeam K75Vn Spec 1. SBT90.2, 4 x 18650. Sept. 3, 2019, 6,300 Lumens, 2,500 Meters, 1.57Mcd. The logical successor to the TN42. More throw, and more beam width than TN42. Vinh did no performance increase, but he tightened up some stuff, and V54 engraved.

21. Imalent MS18. Oct, 21, 2019. 8 x 21700 pack, 18 x XHP70.2, 100,000 lumens. Recommended to me by my favorite flashlight person. Still the king of power flood after all these years.

40. Astrolux MF05 SBT90.2 8 x 18650 Aug. 24, 2020. 5,000 lumens, 3,162 meters. 8 x 18650. The King of dedicated throw.

41. BLF Lumintop GT94 Oct 19, 2020. 4 x SBT90.2, 8 x 18650 button top. 20,000 lumen, 2450 meter. LOP. After a four year wait, the first light that has both more throw and more lumens than the X65.

42. Another BLF GT94 Nov. 13, 2020. 4 x SBT90.2, 8 x 18650 button top. Smooth. Arrived 14 days after I ordered it. This one is so I can have one in each hand, and feel the exhilaration.

43. Haikelite HK90vn driver VNX2. Nov. 14, 2020. 3 x 21700 40T solder blob top, 3 x SBT 90.2. 14,000 lumens; 1732 meters.

44. Another HK90, from FM BG. Nov. 19, 2020.

45. Mateminco MT90 Plus vn, December 4, 2020. 5,500 lumens, 2.84 MCD, 3,371 meters throw. 8 x 18650. Also the King of throw, but different branding.

50. Acebeam X50 8 x XHP70.2 3 x 21700 pack. Sept. 9, 2021. 40,000 lumens, 800 meters. My smallest Big light.

My Thrunite TN36UT, Noctigon MM15, MM15MB, Fenix TK75 quad 70, Meteor M43, Eagletac MX25L4C, Acebeam K70, Thrunite TN42, and Acebeam X45 may be considered to be "big lights" by small light people, but to me, they are merely large-medium lights.

My other 29 lights are medium and small. I have never sold or gotten rid of any flashlight that I have bought. I have gifted a few that I bought for that purpose.

Roger Sully

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Sep 18, 2009
Easton, PA
I like the big high lumen lights also although I have more interest in the lower levels of the lights.

My 2 "big guns" are the Olight X9 and the Netorch Saint 31. After being in an area without power that lasted for days I was more impressed with the loooooong run times of the lower levels than the high output! Both are capable of 20,000 + lumens but tailstanding on the low settings all night and never even getting warm…That's where it's at!


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Apr 6, 2018
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Are modded lights are included ?
I have 2 Mateminco MT 35 Plus lights.

The first one I modded is water cooled with a dedomed XHP70.2 driven by a special order driver from Lexel that runs the water pump. Specs are 12v and 8amps, 1.372,969 cd, 9,200 lm, 2,343m throw.

The second build with a Luminus SBT 90.2 and Texas Ace driver. It has a copper heat sink.
3V, 22 amps, 1,829,513cd, 5800 lumens, 2700 meter throw

They both run on 8 x 30Q 18650.

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Aug 9, 2015
Dust in the Wind
My only "big" lights are vintage search and rescue numbers from Bright Star and one short lived outfit called Dog Supply House. They're like carrying a Louiville slugger and not especially bright but the beam from a 1930's Bright Star 9D throws a lot farther than most would expect. The 1960's 7D DSH with a 5" reflector will throw a beam 2 or 300 yards easily.


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Sep 20, 2020
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If a light cant keep its highest output for at least 20 minutes im usually not interested. Most modern lights wont cut it with their turbo modes so the "biggest" ones I have are a Hound Dog and modded 3C Maglite. Still dreaming about a single led 4x21700 searchlight with real 4000 or so sustained lumens and long throw.