Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 28, 2000
I was interested in ordering one of these. Can anyone recommend the best place to get it from? Is it adjustable (1-4 bulbs on or all on all the time only)? Does it have regulation? Are they wide beams or the 20 degree type?



KenB, see this string; "Black Diamond Moonlight Headlamp is Awesome" --


On January 8 I wrote to Black Diamond with some of the same questions and got an answer the next day:

"Thanks for taking the time to write-
The Moonlight does have a tilting head. Originally we considered including
the option of the 2 or 4 LED switch, but dropped it in the last of the
protoyping phase because it proved to be somewhat superfluous. There really
wasn't that much of a differece in the amount of battery power used, and our
testers just weren't using that option. Plus there seemed to be an adverse
affect on the battery life when it was switched back and forth. And lastly,
there is no voltage regulator on this lamp, so they will get dimmer as the
batteries wear out. This is truly a great, simple, and innovative headlamp."

I called camping and climbing shops in North Dallas and many carried it. A Google search will uncover many online sources for the Moonlight. I called the local Galyan's and found out they sell it for only $29.95 when it's in stock. The clerk said they usually sell out in a couple of days. I guess that's a pretty good testimonial in itself.