Blue Keychain Lights


Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 9, 2001
New Jersey
Recently i got a hold of two blue light LED keychain lights of
which I dont have the manufacturers name and i would like to
find out who made these. These are really nice lights
and very cheap, the cheapest i've seen.

The lights look sort of like the 'Saphire' lights but smaller
also with a smaller chain attaching tab, and comes with
small key chain ring to attach to a key ring.
The body is blue translucent plastic.

They have two 2016 Li batteries inside with no resistor.
There is no switch, and the leads of the LED form the only
switching mechanism, touching the battery poles when the
light is squeezed.
Cost: $4.00 each, including the two Li 3v batteries.
Manufactured in China.
One the package card it reads: "LED CLUB".

If anyone has any ideas who might have made these, please let me know.
I'd like to get the name of the manufacturer.

Also, i might be able to get a hold of more of these lights if anyone is
interested. Shipping is probably about 50 cents per light.
The LED can easily be replaced with a white Nichia LED, but the
blue light is pretty bright, being driven to 80ma.
I could probably get as many as ten, but
i dont think any more then that unless i
find out who made them :)



hi AL,
i tooam looking for some what the same thing.
the diff is that i am a manufacture of such keychains and am lookin for a UV LED which goes in the same keychain like yours but is used to check money. I am able to make this for $2 if you have a good requirment of aroud 6000 pieces plus.
at present i am finding this UV LED to reduce my prices futher.