Brighter and brighter


Mar 3, 2007
The Lone Star State
Thanks for the replies guys. I don't feel too strange now. I WISH I could buy the sun. :laughing:
I picked up a Maglite 4D today. It's definitely not staying stock for long. :devil: Yes, flashlights are addicting. This will be my third light either purchased or ordered in the last 3 days.


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Oct 31, 2002
thats normal light geek evolution.

1st stage: You start with the usual junk around
2nd: want better (till good led came out, was: Mag, now is: Fenix)
3rd: want even better and brighter
4th: even brighter, maybe smaller and better quality (was: Surefire, now there are several makers, SF still top notch)
5th: better understanding on cost/output/runtime/brightness/size/battery choice
6th: with more light use, downgrading to cost effectiveness while working/small size/good runtime/lower output because fitting better to most light use
7th: all above but with at least 2 light levels (high output or long runtime)
Not necessarily one light / stage, could have been more ;)

Lucky You, the power Led have really improved and the age of halogens in normal lights is over, You do not really have to get through all the stages. Imho a light like the Fenix L2D-CE covers most every of these.
Only ppl with a problem ;) in 4th stage (lightsaber geeks) need something even brighter (and much more on the cost side)

sure a bright light is great. But what is the point for not having it with You for being too bulky to EDC, or to give a runtime of under one hour, or to burn Your eyes (wake up other important ppl at night, because You used high ouput)
PS: still no need to stay with just one light ;)


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Feb 19, 2007
XtreMe_G said:
gah.....i'm a little too late, good purchase lux. i guess i have to look for nearby stars instead. anyone know what the shipping cost will be for one of those?

Too bad that those stars you mentioned are just orange peel reflectors rofl


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Oct 27, 2006
Dark! Dank! Murky! England.
Sold pm me your pp acc!!! joke seriously. I like brighter too.
021411 said:
Thanks for the replies guys. I don't feel too strange now. I WISH I could buy the sun. :laughing:
I picked up a Maglite 4D today. It's definitely not staying stock for long. :devil: Yes, flashlights are addicting. This will be my third light either purchased or ordered in the last 3 days.


Jul 2, 2005
Southern California
TITAN1833 said:
huh!! brighter not suitable????
Bright is suitable. Brighter might not be. For example, 25 lumens is suitable for navigating your way in a dark basement. 2500 lumens wouldn't be -- it's overkill. As an even more dramatic example, think about a doctor using a 1000 lumen penlite to examine a patient's throat.
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May 18, 2006
GeorgePaul said:
For example, 25 lumens is suitable for navigating your way in a dark basement. 2500 lumens wouldn't be -- it's overkill.

I find it fun to walk around & shine my HID lights in close distances. Its quite fun. :grin2:


Dec 21, 2006
Up untill recently, i allways thought:

"why would you not want a brighter flashlight?"

Then i got up close and personal with some galvanized, and an L2D on turbo.

mmkay, maybe i need to rethink that. hmmm...

Then i read about the tanklight, and all the HID stuff.

even if we could shrink the tanklight into a 2AA size, and all have one to walk around with - and a 36 hour runtime - what would we do with it?

put on some sunblock and some shades and change a tire?
use it to get a tan while the power is out?
use it to read (and incinerate) the menu at a resteraunt?

even if we all had a 2AA sized tanklight with a 36 hour runtime, and even if it werent capable of UV radiation and incineration:

i would think we might choose not to use it that often.

(not bashing the tanklight, as its very cool, but not my kind of thing)

then how about "the sleeper"?
its only 600W and has a traditional flashlight form factor!
(appears corded with external battery pouch, but nonetheless...)
its a big boy, and a mighty bright light as well.

sure, you might never get tired of playing with it, but vaporising UFO's from the sky isnt something i have a need for. i am allso neither pilot, nor aircraft.

sure these are extreme and silly examples at best, and only are made to illustrate the point...

but you dont move a kayak with a tugboat when shoving it out of the way with a split second of manual labor will do.

obviously, overkill is okay if the risks make it worthy.
any engineer can tell you the importance of having a saftey factor.
flashlights are involved in life-and-death scenarios quite a bit.

Somewhere right now, there is a flashlight on a gun.
that light is the difference between a good outcome and a bad one for the good guys, the bad guys and the innocents.
in order for the outcome to be good, it had better be exactly the right light for the situation.

Somewehre right now - an emergency responder is using their flashlight.
if you were in their hands, the last thing you want is for them to blind themselves- equally as bad, the last thing you want is an inadequate light thats not up to the job.

Somewhere right now, there is a construction worker, 30 feet in the air, in a percarious position with a very difficult task, in near total darkness. a blinding light wont do him any good, and neither will a pathetic light.

so, a flashlight is a very usefull tool.

many flashlights are very versatile, and are suitable for a mind boggling array of tasks.

i feel that usefulness compared to output fits a bit of a bell curve. general use flashlights fit the widest variety of tasks.

specialty flashlights are more limited in terms of their usefullness, because (to state the obvious) they ARENT general use flashlights.

a light too bright for the task is equal to a bright too dim, as i recon.

a general use flashlight can only be so bright before more brightness would degrade its usefullness, and place it into a specialty catagory.
(the inverse is abundantly true as well)
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Mar 4, 2006
Over there -- >
I would love the output of the sun in the size of a Photon light, but, the runtime and heat would kill me, and anyone else standing within 180,000 miles from its front end. LOL

Seriously though, I love bright lights, but the ones I find most "useful" are the multi-level ones. I'd rather have moderate lumens and long runtime over high lumens and short runtime. Heat, short bulb life and runtime are the killers of high output lights compared to their lower output counterparts.

My U2 has been seeing more use as of late. The lowest setting works just right without the distractive PWM some lights exhibit.
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Mar 14, 2007
Northwest Ohio
Love to get the Wiseled but cost wise they are even more expensive than my Surefire Lights. Thus I carry SF L2 and Fenix L2D-CE. L2 for flood on close range work and L2DCE for long walks. Waiting for the Lumapower M1 to arrive.


Feb 13, 2007
NAW said:
I believe its about 3200 lumens. But compared to the BB, it stands no chance. Not even the monsterous Costco HID with one of the biggest reflectors around can throw farther than the BB. Thats insane. :)

I don't own a barnburner, but I thought the Costco threw equal to the BB in the shoot-outs. I know that it's not even close in overall output...3400 compared to 8500 lumens but the big C holds its own in the throw department.

MatajumotorS, I know what you mean. I just ordered a Wiseled in the search for more LED power. It should arrive today. :)