Brinkman Qbeam LED: LED change out questions


Jan 20, 2010
My old brinkman Qbeam LED went bad. So I disassembled it to see what she was made of. This light has 3 cree XP-E emitter disks "glued" to a metal heatsink with thermal paste. It has a 12v / 4000mah battery pack as well. I want to try to upgrade the emitters. What would be the best emitter to upgrade this light with? I want to use it for hunting so throw is important. I've found some XML U2 and U3 emitter disk on dx and manafont but I just want to make sure there isn't anything I'm missing. The emitters in the light are hooked up in series, so it appears to be a pretty simple upgrade.

Which emitter would be the best to upgrade to get better throw?