Brinyte D8 with XM-L


Newly Enlightened
May 5, 2009
My XM-L T6's finally arrived today so I decided to throw one of them into my brother's Tiablo A10-G -clone.

He hasn't really used this light much because he prefers something that he can actually use indoors so this flashlight has spent most of its time in his toolbox.

At first I was thinking of replacing the XR-E with an SST-50 led but the price, thermal/power requirements and runtime issue would have been a problem in a single-cell light so I ended up with XM-L


Time to open it up =)


The reflector is 50mm deep and it has 52.8mm OD so this is a very nice host, although a bit pricey for a chinese flashlight.

The pill is solid brass.


I made a sandwich with the stock 5-mode driver and one 4xAMC7135 pcb, tailcap currents for the modes are:

Low 0.1A

Mid 0.75A

High 2.44A

Strobe -


I figured that 2,4A drive current would be more than enough as I don't have proper batteries. It's better to play it safe when running on cheap trustfires.

AMC7135 sandwich with the contact board:


Tailcap needed some treatment to fix the resistance issue, it had only 2 small through hole vias on the ground ring of the pcb.


I centered the XM-L with the plastic isolator ring that was used with the XR-E, the XM-L fits in nicely.


A few beamshots just to show the beam profile. I really suck at photography and I don't own a proper camera.

Door width 30cm, distance 3m



I think I'll hang on to this light for a few days before I return it to my brother.

XM-L + a large reflector is a really nice combo. :candle: