Brinyte XP22 Scorpion dual head gun light Review


Newly Enlightened
Aug 25, 2015
My favorite part about this light is a the magnetic USB charging. It's smart like the old MacBooks. You could leave the charger connected, and when you grab the light in a hurry (and whatever it might be attached to), the cable just drops off. No problem. Box is really nice too, It's just cardboard, but they did a nice job with it.

The light has 2 emitters, aimed such that in normal use it seems like 1 bright light. It seems very decently bright for what I was using it for, in a dark garage or backyard. It definitely lights things up 2 backyards away, but not 3. I guess that means - in my opinion - it is good lighting for up to 180 feet but not 250 feet. Really that's probably perfect for its intended use. Did not cast any weird shadows but did light up whatever I aimed at really well.

It is bright enough that it is unpleasant to look at the reflection off a white painted wall if the light is really close. I left the light running for an hour and it was still going strong and it did not get hot. Good.
It's rated at 400 lumens.
Paperwork says the non-replaceable internal battery is 900 mAh. 3.7v
Lithium-polymer bettery
IP66 waterproof.
Black Aluminum.
Beam distance 230M.
Runtime of 70 minutes on High or 100 minutes for strobe
Max intensity: 13250 cd
Impact resistant to 1M
weight: 3.5 oz (including non-removable battery)

The company name Brinyte, is probably a reference to Bright-Night. This flashlight model is named Scorpion, which is sort of what the flashlight body looks like, if you squint really hard.

1 button tap to power ON or OFF,
2 taps= double-tap to start strobe mode.
Long Press the button to power on, and it turns off when released.
There is also a "lock" mode – With light ON, press & hold button for 5+ seconds, until the light flashes twice. That locks out the button from accidentally powering on. Another press & hold for 5+ seconds until it flashes once, to unlock.

I initially tried mounting the light on bottom of the Picatinny rail. That's where I thought it would make the most sense to me. I planned to operate with index finger. But – surprise! I liked it much better mounted on top. Thumb operated on top was easier than index finger operation on bottom rail. Thumb & flashlight body was not visible through optic. It was easy to mount to the rail, just loosen (but do not try to remove) the square side knob & depress it so it expands over the rail. Release & twist to snug up the knob. Once installed it totally looks like a part that belongs there.

I took the light over to a friend's BBQ and he wanted to check it out. When mounted on his rail, with his optic, your off thumb knuckle would be slightly in the lower 1/3 scope sight picture, but only when pushing the button. It was OK, but not great. So we tried it on all 4 sides. Surprise again! We liked it best mounted on the left side (for a right handed person).

Operating the button with the left thumb when mounted to the left side was in our opinion, way better than the other locations. We thought that mounting the light on the (left) support side was the best, most ergonomic place to mount the light.

If you wanted to mount this light to a pistol that has a rail, it will need a long rail, maybe 2 inches longer than what most ordinary full size bbls will have. You could make it work with an extended rail, but probably not going to happen.

It could be a decent bike light too, if your bike has a Picatinny rail.
Amazon has it, currently for about $140.

Bottom line: I like it. Hope this helps somebody.

Brinyte XP22 User Manual PDF