Brother F016 ( Esee 3 copy )


Flashlight Enthusiast
Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

Pretty much a close copy of the Esee 3 only in D2 .
Price is also considerably lower , but what about performance ?
The factory edge was sharp and looked to be well made ( for a change ) .
On the rope the knife did 500 slices on the factory edge and failed with what appears to be a micro roll of the apex .
( Stropped back strong ) . Is it D2 ? , it's a 500 slice factory edge . ( yes , well made crMov can do 500+ ) .
That's better than 10c a slice on the value index . The spine can throw ferro , but can't scrape wood .
For a $40 banana knife to my door , it makes a lot of more expensive knives look bad .
No , you don't have to buy one ! But it might be interesting to know it's a well made + performing knife for the Bunch Of Bananas spent on it .

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