Browning 5W LED


May 1, 2002
Tonawanda NY
I received a sample of the Browning 5W at the SHOT show. Overall it is a well built light. It is solid Al and covered with a vinyl cammo pattern. Lanyard attachment is at the tail. Both ends have a single O-ring. It is very much like the KL5 or U2 in size and bezel diameter. The reflector is OP only near the LED, the outer 1/2 being smooth. This reflector configuration tends to focus more of the photons toward a spot at the expense of spill. The spill is still very good. A greater percentage of the light goes in to the spot as compared to Surefires KL5. There are very minor artifacts in the beam. Overall I'll give the beam quality a 9 out of 10. The switch is placed near the head and produces a soft click when activated.

Output was measured at 21" from a 15W solar cell.

KL5 8.43V
Br High 6.95V
Br Med. 5.11V
Br Low 3.60V

With the first click the light is on high. Second - medium Third - low - then off. Without doing the math High=100%, Medium=75%, Low=50% output. The unit I received has a white/green tint on a white wall even when NOT compared to other LEDs. The Lumineds Lux5 did not appear centered in the reflector. A quick seating of the reflector corrected that. There are no other fit/finish isues.

The Browning will run on a Pila 168s although the tailcap can not be screwed all way down with it in. It appears as though the barrel is a bit short.

This is a snap to take apart. I think that it was build for modding in mind. This is the easiest, by far, light to take apart. Unscrew bezel - unscrew (by hand) retaining ring, then pull out star + heat sink + electronics module. The electronics are encased in a plastic jacket and are not potted. Easy access is granted to everything. Did I say that this was built for modding? Newbies take note!

As this was a sample, I do not know the price point but I will offer that at $75.00 it would be a must buy.

Sending many photons your way,
MrMom /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif