Budget Multipurpose Maglite 3D for Layman



A family member picked up a Maglite 3D incandescent for free. After seeing how pitiful the output was, I told him I would upgrade it. I could just drop an LED bulb in or a Malkoff, but that's no fun ;) I want to create an upgrade kit that I can install for friends who want to actually use those Maglites that are sitting around the house.

Here are my plans, which are very similar do the Malkoff drop-in upgrade


- Retain ability to focus, from flood to throw

- 3 modes so they can balance run-time vs. output

- Run on standard alkaline or NiMH if they want to invest in a charger


- 3D maglite (or 2D with 3C mod)

- XP-G

- H22A heatsink

- Possibly a KD 5631 reflector

- Shiningbeam 3-mode driver

Now here are my questions. I know these have all been answered before, but I am having trouble finding a thread like this one that doesn't include multi-emitter, Li-ion setups.

1.) What can of amperage can I run with 3 alkaline D or C cell batteries? How about with NiMH?

2.) Is the XM-L all-around more efficient than the XP-G (even in the 50 - 500mA range)?

3.) Does the Rebel reflector fit inside a standard D cell Maglite head, or is the LED Maglite have different dimensions? Can these reflectors be sourced from anywhere other than directly from Maglite?

4.) Does the stock switch cause any issues with multi-mode drivers? I read somewhere that it was maybe only the C cell Mags that had issues.

Thanks for the help guys, and again, sorry if these questions are basic!

- Jon