build quality of current gen headlamps


Jan 21, 2004
Vancouver, BC
I've had about 4-5 PT EOSes go through my hands and I'd have to say my oldest one is the best one. The more recent ones that I got (the industrial black version that someone was selling on CPFMP back in late 2007) were not quite as well made. One had a crack in the housing before I even opened it up. My friend who also bought a couple had a cracked one too. We RMAed both and while the replacements didn't have a cracked housing, both of them had cracked Rebel emitter domes. We realized this when the beam on both looked kind of strange and we opened up both (for modding) and saw the cracked domes.

I almost bought a SF Saint last year. Good thing a local store had them in stock so I could try it out before buying. I went through 5 of them and all 5 had the... slightly misaligned optic that stuck out of the housing just a tiny bit from the first batch. They were the ones that had the outer light ring artifact. Some people noticed it because they saw it in their peripheral vision. I noticed it because that ring of light reflected off the bridge of my nose onto the inside of my glasses so I left the store empty handed.

I've had the best luck with Zebralights so far. I have a H50 Q5 from the very first group buy batch, a H50b, and most recently a H51w. I skipped the leak prone H501/H30 1st gen clickies and got the H50b instead. I haven't read any reports of leaky H51/H31s so I think I'm good with the H51w.


Dec 6, 2005
New York City
if you have had good experiences, please share and let us know what made it good. if you tell me based on your experience that Petzls are still made well and how, then that helps me... a lot actually. there doesn't seem to be that much good info out there on Petzls. a lot of what i've found on the net is blanket cheers or blanket jeers without much analysis.
I recently reviewed mine and I have been very pleased with it. Not especially exciting from an enthusiast's standpoint but it nails the execution: simple, pleasant to use, well-made and inexpensive.