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Sep 7, 2012
Czech Republic, Prague
Congrats, nice build and completed, working headlamp, it seems that it was super easy for you. This size and configuration with XP-L2 leds and 18650 battery its exactly what I recommend to the most ultra runners, lightweight on your head with evenly distributed weight between the front and the rear. I know you wear battery external but It absolutely can be worn on your head. XPL2´s have got great efficiency with many various temperatures and CRI values to choose. TIR optics for these 3x3mm LEDs are also small in size. And also preffered to have the possibility to easily change cells during the race.

The price for just the cnc milling is quite good, we would here locally pay triple of that. I would make cooling ribs straight, will be easier to manufacture and virtually no difference in cooling. Make more 3d printed parts to have spares as they tend to age and break overtime (under UV disposal). All the best.
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May 11, 2017
Is there ANY possibility of talking you into doing another run of these? The whole reason I joined this forum was to design/bid out/search/purchase the perfect running headlamp and sir, I believe you did it. If you are unwilling to produce anymore of them, would you be willing to share the shopping list and cad file? You did an EXCELLENT job man. I don't mind paying you for a way to build it myself. Thanks either way!
(BTW: I'm FAIRLY certain you could find quite a few people willing to pay $50 for the metal lamp and wire coming out of it. No headband, no battery, and no connector on the wire so that custom battery solutions could be worked by each purchaser. Maybe charge extra to finish it out into a "total" headlamp? You really should try man, you've got a great solution to a vexing problem saturated with lies from penny-pinching companies and companies that charge such obscene amounts that one would assume they cut no corners but surprise, surprise....
Suggest you check out the lithium-powered Lucifer Headlamps. Builder Petr has posted below with links to his website & facebook page. I've been using his headlamp for several years - faultless & tiny. My brother who works in remote areas in Australia has used his constantly over the last 12 months - far more that you'd use one when running events - and it has been absolutely, 100% reliable & effective. Tiny, powerful & dependable. Remarkably well priced as well!


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Oct 14, 2010
Wow, somehow I missed this one. Great job! How is it holding up?
Holding up really well. Thoroughly used it since I made it, and my friends who also bought one from me probably uses theirs more that I do mine I haven't received any complaints or comebacks. One is strapped to his MTB permanently.

Been toying with the idea of building another headlamp, different setup etc. as I have a 3D printer now.:cool:

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