Buy a light or MOD?



I thought I knew what I was looking for when I came to this forum. I started looking around to find a light review and buy a built light and be done with it. The more I look the more I like the thought of a light I can get drop ins and parts for. I have been looking at the SF 6P and think this is the route I may go. Looking for multi mode light with clicky. I was looking at a Quark AA.2 but may buy a used 6P and just upgrade it. The question is, if I buy a used light on an online auction or wherever what should I look for and what is an average price for a used light. Doesn't have to be pretty, just work. If I like what I get I can get a pretty one later.

Found a 6P on craigslist but, I'm not sure what they are worth. Can someone give me a price range for various conditions.


Like new

Used but decent



Just curious.

Found one with initials on it on Ebay, could I get it then bead blast to the aluminum for a stressed/frosted look? How much would you put in it just to work on it?