Can you recommend what I should use for adding an external pack to a headlamp?


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Jan 2, 2010
I have a Fenix HP10 I'm looking to modify with an external pack. I don't have much experience with small electronics such as this.

Not sure what kind of wire to use, I'd like something with a flexable rubberized coating just like the headlamp uses. I have no idea what the proper term is for this cable/wire.

The other question is how to tap it into the system. I tested a radio shack 4 AA holder and found that if I touched red to red, black to black terminals in the original battery compartment the light functions. It seems I could bore a small hole in the original compartment and either friction fit two connector, (or solder). OR install some kind of female adapter extending from (or embedded in) the original case that the external pack could connect to.

The last option is to cut the factory wire and add some kind of quick connect male and female ends so power can be drawn from the original pack or the new external.

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