CATERPILLAR LED Spotlight questions


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Sep 12, 2014
Hi all,

been reading these forums for a while and I think the info and knowledge base is very useful and helpful. I am hoping someone can help me. I have a black H3 hummer that I use off-road. I have a acquired (very expensively) 8 new cat 50watt 12-25 volt led worklights... Looking back on it I think it was an impulse by versus all the led lighting bars etc available. Model number of my lights is 441-0314 I am having trouble with figuring out best way and best spot to mount? Any ideas? I chose these because i have heard how robust these are plus I thought they would look phat on the hummer.... Just not too sure how to go about it or if I should just attempt selling them (cutting my losses) and going with an led lighting bar?

thanks guys any input would be great

Hamilton Felix

Jan 2, 2010
Marblemount, WA, USA
First off, you might want to change your title to "...Floodlight questions." That light is a flood. It is in NO way a street legal or even "street useful" light. However, it does fit my own definition of "off road." For me, off road travel is 4x4 crawling through brush and over abandoned logging roads. Flood type lights on both ends of the vehicle are useful. Even lights on the sides can be handy. Floodlights won't help you on the highway, but if you put cool looking Caterpillar covers on them and only uncover and use them out in the brush (assuming you actually do take that pretty rig out into the boonies), you might have a good thing.

Steve K

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Jun 10, 2002
Peoria, IL
Yep, the lights are robust! The vibration level on a D11 dozer operating in rock is quite a bit higher than you'll see in a vehicle operating on pneumatic tires. The validation testing is quite thorough.

They aren't flashy or anything... Despite throwing the brand logo all over boots and hats, the Cat logo isn't on the lights. At least they won't fall apart or get rusty in a few years.

No comments on how to install them on a Hummer. I can only say "thanks!" for contributing towards my paycheck. :)