Cerakoting wearing off after 3 weeks of pocket carry



Well here are some pictures of my Ra Clicky with Dark earth cerakoting. I posted a few comments in the HDS thread about my light showing some signs of wear through the cerakoting and decided I would just start a thread with some pictures. I took these the best that I could. If they are too small to see I will try to make them larger.

I love the light and will not get rid of it, but am concerened that the cerakoting is wearing through to some shiny metal. This is alarming to me because I thought that there was supposed to be a coating of the hard anodized finish underneath the cerakoting.

Now I will make my carry conditions clear. Well I hope that it is clear enough.

The light rides in my right front pocket, in the pocket are a set of normal car/house keys, and there is also a Kershaw blur in there as well. Nothing else rides in the pocket with these items. The pants are normal jeans, just to be clear.

The light has no modifications other than a moodoo clip.






Some of these are duplicates. But I tried to take them in different lighting and with and without zoom, macro etc..

Let me know what you think.