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Nov 26, 2004
They were finally here. A week after ordering, the five Streamlight Jr. Luxeons from Markell were delivered by UPS. I arrived at my sister's house first, so I opened the package and took out a flashlight. The well lit house with lots of big windows and few white surfaces made it difficult to really check out the quality of the light. So I shined the first opened SL Jr. Lux into a cabinet and thought, "It's white!". As gifts, these flashlights were bought for the active people in my life - my grade school aged nephews, my sister and brother-in-law, and one for me. One by one they trickled in, first my youngest nephew. After he picked a flashlight from the box, I did the honors of opening the bubble pack. I quickly checked the flashlight the best I could under the conditions and thought, "It's white!". We were ready. We were waiting inside at the door when my oldest nephew walked in. I greeted him with a quick flash to the eyes. After exclaiming "OW!", he quickly spun around only to be greeted by his brother with another flash to the eyes. "OW!" A double OW! YES!!! Like his younger brother, he took a flashlight out of the box and had me open the bubble pack. I again checked out the flashlight the best I could and thought, "It's WHITER!!". The Luxeon lottery had once again produce Luxeons with different shades of white. The fourth SL Jr. Lux that I opened when my sister walked in was DOA!! I changed batteries, swapped clickies and still nothing. It's a cold, cold feeling when 30 lumens of light is expected and all one gets is "click" and the blank stare of the lens.

By the time the fifth flashlight was opened, the sun had just set and it was now dark in the house when the lights were turned off. Despite now having dark rooms in the house, there were still no white walls - only textured beige ones! After getting at least a glimpse of the four working flashlights, I no longer knew what white was. While each flashlight looked white when shone by itself, of the three flashlights that I was able to get a better look at, when compared next to one another, each had its own shade of white ranging from greenish to purplish, but none to the point of offence. And really, was one white and the other purple or was the first one green and the second one that was white? The "green" ones, overall, seemed to render colors more accurately. The purple one, however, highlighted contrasts better and objects seemed to "jump out" more. Indoors, because of the higher contrast and the fact that the "purple" Jr. Lux seemed brighter by perhaps a lumen or two, the edge, I thought at the time, went to the "purple" luxeon. Outdoors, however, because of the greenery, grass, trees, etc.. and other organic colors, browns, reds, yellows and the like, the "green" luxeon has the obvious but not great advantage. Because they live in the big house with all of the foliage and because my sister liked the warmer tone of the "green" luxeons, I took the cooler toned "purple" Jr. Lux. Really though, white is in the eye of the beholder!

What can be said about the Streamlight Jr. Luxeon that has not already been said? By now, most flashaholics know that it's more than just a Mini replacement. A six inch 2AA powered Luxeon flashlight with a Kroll clickie, whose advertised 30 lumens simply wallops the Minis and in many cases, out shines a 2D. Its beam, wider than what most would think of a spot and yet not quite a flood, is excellent for almost any task from inches away to about 25 meters. How did Streamlight do that? Just be careful when working up close, this light is bright!

30 lumens of inexpensive, regulated performance in a familiar, carryable form had made the Streamlight Jr. Luxeon the first "real" and/or the first Luxeon flashlight of many, as it is mine. It's also good flashaholic gift for the active people in your life.



Flashlight Enthusiast
Jul 31, 2003
Washington State
Nice little write up... I have had my JR LUX for a couple of weeks now and really enjoy it. I run NiMH's in it and you are right, it simply blows away the [email protected] My JR is just about pure white in it's beam, I could not be happier. I like how I can carry it in my top pocket of my shirt or bibs or clip to the inside of my trousers.

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