Charger for my Eneloop AAA XX Pro's Help.


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Oct 18, 2012
London Heathrow
hello there, I am getting some ENELOOP AAA XX BLACK 900mAh rechargeable batteries soon, and I am looking for a good charger for them, might even need to use to charge AA one day – maybe.
i did see some stuff on ebay but some eneloop chargers say min 2450mAh??? but my AAA's would only be 900mAh.

all I need this charger would be really for AAA and possibly AA, and would be the Pro ones most times.
someone mentioned I get a Nitecore Intelligent i4 or a BC-700 Alpha Power 9 in 1 intelligent Battery Charger. what would you suggest?. the same?. anything better?.

im in the UK at the moment.
kind thanks.


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Feb 2, 2012
Miami, Florida
That's just a rebranded LaCrosse BC-700, which I have and use. The Technoline is a more sophisticated charger than the Sanyo NC MQR-06 that I linked. While not perfect (low charging rate 700mA,) cramped battery bays and smallish display/not backlit, it's a very capable charger and you can buy a 12v car adapter for it to use in the car, or with 12v solar.

It's a little more involving than the Sanyo charger, which is quite simple and idiot proof.

If you're going to go for the Technoline BL-700, consider the BL-1000, which offers higher charging rates and is only 12 pounds more.