Cheap LED dome lights or LED dome light project help?


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Dec 2, 2006
Okay, so I was going to make my own 7-10x array of 5mm 10-15lumen LEDs for dome lights for my car. But then I started doing research and found that there are lots of already-commercially available plug-in dome light kits. But they're ri-frickin-diculously expensive. It would cost around $250 to replace the dome lights whereas $16 worth of 5mm's from eBay and some PCBs would do the trick.

Do you guys know of any cheap commercially available solutions for this, or do you know of anyone who has done this before so I can learn from him or her? I know TaskLED has the driver/Lux1 kit available for someone who wants to do it at a high price. Since the 12V will essentially be unlimited power in the car, runtime is no issue, and so DD would be best.

What do you guys suggest for this project of mine?


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Feb 16, 2006
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Check out they may not be 5mm I think they use 3mm but I've only gotten green led festoon base bulbs for my dome light.

This PCB to dome light kit may do the trick
You can refit your whole care for under $100
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