Cheers for Sanyo NA! (w/Maha C9000 results)


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Jan 16, 2008
NOTE: The standard disclaimers apply - I am neither an employee of nor in any way affiliated w/Sanyo. I'm just one happy and satisfied customer and here is why...

I purchased a dozen Sanyo 2300 mAh AA's back in Dec. 2009. Since I first got those, I noticed that more than half of that batch didn't perform very well. I didn't have an analyzer at the time so just stored them away in my drawer and pretty much forgot about them.

Fast forward to Dec. 2010 - I finally picked up a Maha C9000. Ran a break-in on those doz. cells and got mostly around 1300-1400 mAh (best was around 1900 or so). Having that info now, I contacted Sanyo customer service re: warranty and it just so happened that I was 11 days over the 1 year period. However, they were more than willing to provide coverage and offered an exchange for Eneloop's since they no longer had the 2300 mAh.

I shipped the batteries off shortly before X-Mas and the replacements came today. 1 x SEC-HR3UTG-4BP and 1 x SEC-HR3UTG-8BP.

Score one for excellent customer service!

EDIT: All charts fixed via pics now.

The other reason I like Sanyo now is becuase of the performance vs. other cells, using the C9000, I got this after a break-in on the first batch of Eneloop AA's I ordered last month (GES-HR3UTG-4BP, date code = 10-08EF):


As for a batch of Sanyo AAA 1000 mAh I purchased back on 1/18/08:


(I reran cells 3-5 via Rfsh/Anlyz and was able to eke out small improvements as you can see above)

Contrast that with w/these Tenergy AAA 1000 mAh purchased on 2/6/09:


(strangely, a second break-in after a Rfrsh/Anlyz actually yielded slightly worse results...)

Now, time to get my hands on some AAA Eneloops. :) (does anyone know if any of the NJ Costco's in Bergen County still have the sale going on?)



P.S. During the email exchange w/the rep from Sanyo NA, I also inquired about the new XX eneloops to which the reply was: We do not yet have an ETA as to when/if the XX batteries will be released in the U.S.