Choosing which of the Malkoff and Elzetta


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Apr 24, 2021
I just thought you might like the lumens on the Bodyguard. It does step down. I do not have the E2 Super Scout, but it does sound good. I have an E2XT though, and it's awesome. I do generally prefer a light with a reasonable low mode option. Lights on firearms though, are single mode for me. My most used Malkoff is the MDC XP-L 16650 500 Lumen Flashlight. I use it at work daily though. Whatever you get, Malkoff or Elzetta, I think you will be happy with or you will be able to sell it.

Oh I do like the lumens on the bodyguard! I talked to Gene about that model before deciding on an other. I, too, carry the MDC XP-L 16650 500. It's a neat light...I haven't perfected the momentary switch but it doesn't impact my use. And I might have the E2 Super Scout for when I need to full-send lumens, ha. I would have gotten the bodyguard if it stayed at the full 1,200. I had a few "needs" that needed filled. lol Now I have a few options that complement each other.
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