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Sold/Expired CLOSED - Muyshondt Aeons Mk.II and Mk.III

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Oct 9, 2012
Washington DC
First unconditional "I'll take it" followed with prompt communication and payment gets it. The price includes PayPal fees and USPS Priority shipping in the US. For any questions, please either PM me here or email me at david[.]patenaude1[@]gmail[.]com. Thanks for looking!

Muyshondt Aeon Mk.II Al - $350
This was part of a limited run of Aluminum Mk.II's from a few years back and has the Natural HA finish. This has 3 modes, L-M-H, and comes equipped with a Nichia 219 LED. There isn't any wear that I can find, and it works as intended.

Muyshondt Aeon Mk.III Al - $200
This has seen a good bit of carry and use. There is some wear in the blue ano, and one of the clip screws was stripped, but the light functions as intended. It has 3 modes, L-M-H, and uses a Nichia 219 LED. It will come with the clip and screws, a Muyshondt leather slip, and the lanyard and titanium bead.
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