cmg reactor ...



I have a reactor, an early Arc-LS, and an X5. They all produce about the same output, but the LS has the best white balance. The X5 is blue (big suprise) and the Reactor is somewhat green. The LS still seems like the best overall package, but (another "big" suprise) it's also the most costly. I use them all, but the LS is the one in my pocket all the time. I work on elevators, and loosing power while on top of an elevator is a nasty experience if you don't have a light you can reach out and grab.........
Actually, I find all of the LS or multi-LED lights too bright for those middle of the night wanderings. I use a Dorcy Cool Blue for that - it's much easier on the eyes, and runs forever on 4 AA's.
Peace to you all.