Coast Polysteel 450 good deal

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Feb 23, 2017
I have been lurking these forums for years. I finally gave in and decided to register and post. I found a good deal on the Coast Polysteel flashlight. The one I purchased is a Coast Polysteel 450 from Walmart. I got them for $10 each. I got two. This is a fantastic deal. I only found at one of the two Walmart's I visited yesterday. Not listed on there website so your selection may vary. The Coast website only list the Polysteel 400. I guess the 450 is the updated version. Not sure why they were so cheap.
They 450 has 375 lumens and shares all the same features as the 400 Polysteel. I got these and threw lithium primaries in to keep in both my cars. That and the new Tikkina headlamp (150 lumen $20) from Petzl give all the car emergency lighting I need.

Here are some specs. I left out lumens (375) and run time. I threw away the packaging before committing claimed run time to memory.

  • Grip-textured polymer casing over a stainless steel core ensures extreme durability and reliability
  • Pure beam focusing optic
  • Twist focus technology
  • Waterproof up to 3 meters for at least 1 hour, verified IPX8 by the ANSI FL1 standards
  • Drop proof from a height of 3 meters, verified by the ANSI FL1 standards
  • Crush proof with a durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer over a stainless steel core
  • High, medium, low light modes
  • Backed by Coast lifetime warranty


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Mar 1, 2017
Welcome, I love Coast as well. and looking forward for some pics :)