Colour temperature of LEDs


Newly Enlightened
Aug 21, 2009
Further to one of my other posts (thanks to those who offered excellent advice!) just wanted to clarify a few questions about the different colour temps in LEDs for dive lights if thats ok.

Packhorse has mentioned about not worrying about colour temps, but would a more neutral/warm white colour not bring our more 'colourful' results? Problem with the cool white LEDs is that they have a tendency to make colours looked washed out. If you look at trees/grass/foliage etc the colours do appear saturated. The warmer LED's do seem to have a more accurate representation of the colours and gives a more pleasant light?

I've read on some of the other posts however that the cool white colour would be better in a dive light because the light would penetrate more? While the warmer tints wouldn't probably penetrate as far, wouldn't the cool white not be as good with the colours?

Any clarification would be great! Cheers


Jul 20, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
I have just build a light head using WG bin Crees with optics that give a very even light colour from DX. This combination of LED and optic provides a beam that looks extremely pleasing to my eye, is nice and even in colour and is extremely bright. I haven't tried it underwater, but it's a tad warmer than my old light, which already does a good job of lighting the underwater world.

In summary:

This LED
Plus this optic
Equals awesome.