Columbia SA39


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia
Now , this one here is my 4th Columbia SA39 (?)
Yes , I have 4 now .
I started with one , as for $25 shipped to my door - I thought , how bad could it be ?
To my amazement , the knife was great - Cutting well above it's price point !
So I got me a second one , you know - as a spare !
Then one day I noticed there was only one left , so off course I had to buy the last one .
All 3 were 500+ cutters on the rope , which is crazy for $25 .

Then a little while ago I noticed the seller had a new batch of knives .. ANd the thought crossed my mind .. Are these as good ?
So for the sake of curiosity , I had to shell out another $25 to find out ..
If anything , on this sample .. The steel seems to be harder .
The factory grind was terrible , but it still cut .
And my own grind was overzealous , and I ground the edge to thin . Which caused the edge to roll cutting rope , which would have cost me performance .
But I pushed it to a solid 500 FAIL or maybe call it a 450 pass . If the edge had not rolled , who knows where it would have stopped .