Convoy C8+ Programming... Help!


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Jun 1, 2011
High Ridge, MO
I just got this light today and can not get it to go into programming mode. I turned on and did the 10+ half clicks and still won't go. Do I have a bad light? I got it from Banggood [h=2]Convoy C8+ Sand-color XPL HI 1100LM Memory Function Professional 12-Group 55Mode Tactical Flashlight - V2-1A[/h]


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Dec 20, 2012
Northern New Jersey
I bought a light with the biscotti driver about a year ago, and recall fooling with it for 30 minutes or so before I got it to work. I am pretty sure that taking the battery out and then replacing it made a difference.

I tried counting, but I think I was tapping too slowly. I stopped counting and just rapidly tapped the switch many times until the light went out and didn't turn on. That got me into programming mode.


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Jul 17, 2008
I came here searching how to program my C8+/Biscotti that arrived today (bought from the Convoy store). I had no luck getting into config mode with the 10 half clicks. What I found is that it took nearly 20 half-clicks before it would enter config (programming) mode. So I guess the moral of the story is to just keep quickly half-clicking until the light stops turning on in order to enter config mode.

And for those of you new to the world of programming flashlights and confused about mode, mode groups and mode memory, as best I can tell, you want to enable mode memory so the flashlight remembers what mode group you prefer. With Biscotti, there are 12 mode groups.

When I first turned the light on, it blinked 5 times which confused me (turns out that was the battery-check). That must have been where the shop left it when they boxed it for shipping.

And if I half-clicked and got to the output I wanted and shut the light off, then turned it back on, it remembered where I left it… which confused me. I thought it must default to memory on. But that is not the case, it stayed in mode group 1. So I assume with mode memory off, Biscotti remembers the last mode within the group? Not sure about that. Yet.

I wanted to have mode group 2 remembered, so I was finally able to figure that out and got it set. But the process wasn’t as straightforward as I would have liked, based on watching YT videos and searching for how to program the C8+ (since no manual comes with it).

Hopefully this will help out someone else trying to figure out how to configure their new Biscotti flashlight!


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