Sold/Expired convoy s2+ lot and m1, triple led, copper $85 95035


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Sep 13, 2017
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manker mk39,m1,convoy triple led, copper $85 95035

$85 as a lot
three convoy s2+ host ready bto accept triples,host may show signs of scratches same goes for convoy M1 host
one xp-g2 triple in natural white
one xp-g2 triple in cool white

three copper spacers
three optics with oem reflectors,oem glass and o-ring

astrolux a01
surefire titan

Selling as a lot $75
solarforce l2p with extension tube
solarforce M3 (no led,driver has been shorted

Solid copper P60 shell with Nichia 219C 5000K
Carclo 10621
MTN-17DDm with Bistro Firmware

local sale cash only please
or i can ship to US only with usps…ill cover shipping
no trade
no parting out.

for any questions or concerns please pm me

Manker mk39 (Nichia 219)
Ordered xpg3 but instead received Nichia which if fine for some,but for me my preference for this light I wanted xpg3.would hate to deal shipping it out.
If there an issue with the price please pm me or for any other concerns.
If cheaper somewhere else I recommend purschisng from them.
No batteries included
No trade
USPS shipping


no parting out
local sale Cash only or i can ship within US only,usps shipping will be covered by me

for any concerns regarding this listing please dont hesitate to ask


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Nov 12, 2010
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Just a reminder to keep all active sales within one thread please.

I will also add that I find your description of parts and sales terms above to be somewhat confusing.

You may want to clarify exactly what is included in this sale.
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Nov 12, 2010
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Still pretty new here, so I can only post one thread for my items?

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