Copper Triple pills for custom lights like Mac, Deadwood, Okluma, etc....



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Jan 28, 2013
(copied in my old closed thread for reference.)

AVAILABLE Copper Standard triple pill (Fits Mac's Tri-EDC and a couple other makers triples: Okluma TinyDC/DC1, JHanko Twisted Trident with standard threading, Deadwood Customs, etc...)

ALL SOLD Copper Triple Conversion pill for Mac's EDC lights.
has been test fit into an early Aluminum SST-50 EDC using 16340 and into a newer Cu XM-L EDC using 18350 and it worked in both. If you have one of the first run SST-50 lights with the shorter head, the pill needs shortened to work...

C145 Tellurium Copper
Done on CNC lathe
tapped for 4-40 screws for ground wire if needed

CuTe Std pill = 27.79g
Conversion CuTe pill = 52.74g
stock Al pill = 8.57g

Offered as bare pills only.

View attachment 26273

This is my test engine (not for sale)
View attachment 26274

...and installed.
View attachment 26275

Pricing (each plus shipping)
Cu Triple Conversion pill $44.00
Cu Std. Triple pill $41.00
Stock Aluminum Triple pill $25.00

First Class USA Shipping $4.00
International First Class Shipping $12.00

(Example: 1 of each shipped to US would be $41 + $44 + $7 = $92)

Post your "I'll take it" and PM me for paypal address.

Cu Standard triple pill (Fit's Mac's Tri-EDC and a couple others)
1. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
2. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
3. gonefishing (paid) (shipped)
4. Dirty Wage Guy (paid) (shipped)
5. Dirty Wage Guy (paid) (shipped)
6. KDM (paid) (shipped)
7. IsaacL (paid) (shipped)
8. Benchrest (paid) (shipped)
9. Benchrest (paid) (shipped)
10. Exeter354 (paid) (shipped)
11. az2ak (paid) (shipped)
12. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
13. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
14. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
15. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
16. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
17. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
18. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
19. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
20. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
21. Ladd (paid) (shipped)
22. Ladd (paid) (shipped)
23. litew8 (paid) (shipped)
24. available
25. available
26. available
27. available
28. available
29. available
30. available
31. available
32. available
33. available

SOLD OUT - Aluminum stock bare pill (used) (Fit's Mac's Tri-EDC and a couple others)
1. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)
2. SOYCD (paid) (shipped)

SOLD OUT - Cu Triple Conversion pill for Mac's SST-50 EDC lights and XM-L EDC lights
1. mcbrat (paid) (.)
2. mcbrat (paid) (.)
3. KDM (paid) (shipped)
4. bubble (paid) (shipped)
5. Dirty Wage Guy (paid) (shipped)
6. Dirty Wage Guy (paid) (shipped)
7. Dirty Wage Guy (paid) (shipped)
8. Zoran (paid) (shipped)
9. Skandocious (paid) (shipped)
10. write2dgray (paid) (shipped)
11. mtbmurf (paid) (shipped)
12. nfetterly (paid) (shipped)
13. wolfstyle (paid) (shipped)
14. stewdogg (paid) (shipped)
15. Exeter354 (paid) (shipped)
16. Benchrest (paid) (shipped)
17. ghos (paid) (shipped)
18. jdebo (paid) (shipped)
19. DellSuperman (paid) (shipped)
20. az2ak (paid) (shipped)
21. SRT-10 (danny-b) (traded) (shipped)
22. lightknot (paid) (shipped)
23. mcbrat (paid) (.)
24. mcbrat (paid) (.)
25. mcbrat (paid) (.)

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