Cree MC-E 900 Lumen Diving Light


Dec 15, 2008
Long Island, New York
Hi folks,

I know this diving light has been around for a while now, but I just receive this complete light package from Adrian Vo of today. I ordered it 2 days ago and here it is already in my hands :thumbsup:

Some think it's an ugly light, but I just feel it's got a lot of cool facter in its look and I had to have one for when I dive off my boat here on Long Island, New York. It's about the same size as my Romisen RC-T5, so it's nice and compact. I think I'll wait until it's off warranty before making the spring modification to it. The finish is flawless and works just as great as it looks.

Light output is likely around 700 lumens or less and color temp is acceptable at about 6000k. My Ultrafire WF-500 with the Cree 5 LED 1200 lumen drop-in had a considerable amount more light output, but that drop-in is likely actually putting out 900+ lumens.


The light wont fire up with my AW 2600s, but worked great with the included button top 18650s. I was also surprised the charger it came with did an excellent job charging the batteries with a cut-off of 4.17 volts.

I may opt for the SST-50 version of this light when Adrian gets them back in stock. Thanks folks for checking out my post. :thumbsup: