Cree XR-E in Fenix L1/2T (vs. UWAJ, stock)


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Dec 27, 2002
This is the light that gives me the L2D CE Fenix.
I think it does not give a good source of light because have a ring of shadow around the point of light.

Hi Chev,

Your pic does not display.

But I think you are talking about the notorious Cree dark-halo (dark ring round the hotspot).

This has been discussed a lot on CPF when the first Cree Editions came out - and it seems like a characteristic of the Cree XR-E.

The more recent Fenix flashlights use an orange peel textured reflector to try to lessen the effect - but the dark halo can still be seen, albeit somewhat less.

If you have the original Fenix L2D-CE with plain reflector - the dark-halo is probably fairly easy to see.

See if you can unscrew the bezel (front) part of the head - this will allow you to reFocus the light and that can adjust the light until the dark-halo is virtually not there -

Please see this thread -

ReFocussing the Fenix L1D-CE (& L2Dce)

Hope that helps.