Custom Lighting project (LED Strips / motion sensor / PWM)


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Apr 16, 2014
Hi everyone,

I am building a custom lighting project whereby I would like to have people be able to place objects within the light shelf and have the motion sensor turn the light ON. The light should stay ON and only turn OFF if the hand enters the light shelf again to take the object away.

The strip lighting will be this:

2) PWM controller (to control the gradual lighting of the LED's ON/OFF)
This looks ideal:

3) Sensor
This is what I need help with.
PIR sensors are not a good option as the ranges are too sensitive. I am thinking an IR sensor switch or ultrasonsic switch. I need something that will have a detetion range of ~10cm (adjustable if possible)

I like these but not sure if they will work with the strip lighting and PWM module above and not sure if they will actually keep the light in the ON status once activated.


Otherwise there off the shelf Sensors like this (but id rather get the raw parts as they are more easily configurable - and cheaper)

(not sure if this would work as if your hand pauses in front of it, the light will twinkle 3 times and turned off automatically)

(the ranges are probably ton small)

My only worry is that the sensor will need to be placed behind a wall of either thin veneer wood or perspex. I need something that will still have the ~10cm range (adjustable if possible) even placed behind something like the veneer or perspex (or any other material that will hide it but still allow it to work)

4) Power supply
Lastly a power supply - this shouldn’t be too difficult. Although the smaller the better as it needs to fit in at the rear of the light.

I appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Have a great day.

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