Custom tool to remove / install McGizmo Switches!!


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Oct 5, 2006
Palm Springs, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, Washington, D
Today I received a custom specially made wrench to remove or install McGizmo Switches.

This tool is made by Prometheus Lights for the famous McGizmo Switch, and works great, looks nice, too. I did a few tests on my McGizmo lights, and it works very well. I will test it later on some other lights.

This spanner wrench is very well made out of 6061 T6, aluminum, and is about as wide as a quarter, with two prongs, and a nicely knurled gripping area.

Of course there are other tools we can use on our Switches, it is just fun to own a specialized tool, and for $14.00 it is a nice addition to any McGizmo collection.

To me, this wrench and the Thorpe Driver are standard issue for these lights. The Prometheus machine shop did an exceptional job on these.
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