Deleepow rechargeable AA lithium 1.5v batteries


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Oct 13, 2006
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I got a pack of 4 with charger just for the heck of it. These are the direct recharge type with no micro USB. Put them in a Dremel 4AA tool and went to (ironically enough) cut a battery pack to salvage some 18650s. It dropped to slow speed. I took out the batteries and found one showing 0.26 v. It got warm and stayed warm for 4 hours, meaning something had shorted internally. Next day, it's at 0 v and not charging. Tried to charge it - no change. Junk.

Found out the charger is a 50% duty cycle 1 second on/off 4.7 v output charger which terminates.

Anyone else have any experience with these?


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Apr 24, 2015
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Anyone else have any experience with these?

NO - nor will I - especially with a name like that.

I'm just glad it wasn't 'Delaypow' instead, and it didn't blow up in your face when you later tried to charge it!!

There's a bunch of similar products hitting the market of late and a fair amount of chatter about them, but I have to wonder...

Are the people using them keeping in mind that on the 'pros and cons' list, one of the cons is that one is taking on the additional risks associated with using a lithium ion power source vs other 'AA' format alternatives? No one seems to mention that factor. Glad you raised the issue, but glad that ended without injury / damage!

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