Desperatly looking for driver (updated kennan driver?)

Nil Einne

Newly Enlightened
Apr 15, 2010
New Zealand
A little OT, does anyone know offhand if someone makes a multimode driver that uses the AX2002? Or is that gonna be a custom DIY deal?

It's a while later but download used to or may be still does sell AX2002 multimode boards here . I'm not aware of any of the large vendors selling multimode AX2002 driver boards. You can check out Torchboy's driver list here .

Also did you ever have any AX2003 for sale? I can't speak for others but depending on price an AX2003 driver or just the IC will potentially be interesting to me. I've read the datasheet but never seen it tested but presume it's similar to the AX2002 which from testing is a decent driver under 2A. And I haven't yet seen a resonably price driver board that can handle 2.5-3A (for an XM-L for example) with that range of the AX2002 i.e. the 1 li-ion and more category which always surprises me. Even for 2xCR123 the AX2003 should be way better then the AMC7135 that some use when they want 1x18650 compatibility. (Above 6V there seems to be some good price and okay drivers. Well there are some that claim to handle a similar range to the AX2002/2003 and 2.5-3A output but I've never seen them tested.)