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Diffuse Your LED Strip Lights With Our Neon Housing


Newly Enlightened
Apr 6, 2023
Sometimes we need softer lines of light to decorate our rooms or outline our buildings than the bright, harsh spotlight of an LED strip. Neon housing is the most widely used LED strip housing.

Our neon tubes are made of high-quality waterproof and fireproof food-grade silicone and can be rendered in milky white, black, and other colored appearances. It is also called silicone diffuser because it acts as an even distribution of LED spot light.

These soft silicone tubes can be bent and cut as needed, so how do you use these neon diffusers?

There is a tow rope in the neon housing to help you get the light strip through. First, tie one end of the rope to the strip board and pull out the rope from the other end so that the strip can stay in the neon housing without any problem. (If you buy neon housing and led strip at our website together, we can make it for you for free! 5% off available. )

Is there an easier way?

If you think this is a bit of a hassle, then take a look at our LED light cover. It's open at the bottom, so you can put it directly over the strip to complete the inline/recessed installation.

1. Black silicone neon diffuser tube

2. 360-degree round silicone tube

3. Top emitting silicone diffuser

4. Side emitting silicone diffuser

5. Silicone led strip light cover

If you have any questions, welcome to let us know.