Dimmable, adjustable focus headlamp?


Newly Enlightened
Aug 14, 2014
Hello guys and gals. I am searching for the perfect headlamp. The perfect headlamp may be different for different people. Below are the attributes which would make this headlamp perfect for me:


Reading a book, peeing, hiking, hunting zombies.

Features desired:

- dimmable (or have many modes. Very low to high)
- I am open to maximum lumens. At least 100- 200. Do I really need 1000 lumens? For my tasks probably not BUT if I can get all the features I want along with it for a fair price, might as well have it for the coolness factor (I hike a lot at night near the Hollywood Sign and it would be cool to light it up :)
- adjustable zoom/ focus. Sometimes I want to see just what's in front, other times a particular spot far off in the distance.
- best battery life
- small and lightweight
- I prefer the style of those Armytek. A cylindrical type that I can pop out and clip onto a pocket or bag (I was considering an Led Lenser traditional style headlamp but just discovered this new style)
- most bang for buck
- solid warranty
- it would be great to have some additional color LEDs or be able to pop on colored lenses... this feature is not imperative

As far as price sub $100 is preferred but I'm open to spending a little more IF it has all the features I want and good battery life!

Thank you in advance!