Direct Drive P7 M@g Experience


Mar 10, 2009
Just thought I'd share some more interesting info. I bought 3 Elite 1500 2/3 A NiMH cells for another project of mine. Then I realized they would fit perfectly in my 2C mag DD P7. I removed the cells from the charger and they rested while I was away from home (8+ hrs). Just as an aside though, I think the LED would be fine with these cells hot off the charger...I've ran this light initially pulling as high as 3.5-3.6 A with freshly charged IMR 18650. YMMV :caution: I'm sure that current isn't sustained though. Anyway, I put these rested cells in my P7 mag and I was pulling a pretty steady 3 A from the tail. So far, I find these batteries are a neat alternative for a DD P7 if anyone has these cells lying around.


Newly Enlightened
Oct 31, 2008
Nantes, France
Knowing that I'm "knowledgeable" in flashlights, a colleague has asked me to help him choose one for his night time excursions while fishing. I'm trying to steer him towards a DD 2D or 3D M@g. Cost is a consideration, but so is robustness and run time. A driver circuit only adds one more component to fail. As for the run time, unlike a driver circuit, which will milk a battery to the last joule and turn off, a DD will keep on running even at low intensity.

I'll ask him what he wants, he might either go for a full 3D with 3D Nimh, or 2D with 3Cs. I'll tell you guys how the build goes.

Oh and you guys can consider me a "DD traitor" :oops: as a few months ago I've made myself a 2x18650 HipCC regulated 2D M@g. Every last lumen counts you know...:devil: