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Mar 28, 2016
Hello, world!

Im a newbie into electronic world but i know all the basics! Im going to need you guys help me build a dive light controller for my Light Head but im not quite sure how to choose parts for this little project. ofcourse, i need a controller thats efficient, stable voltage, adjustable, and safe for the dive light head. now this controller will used for tethered diving. a diver with light head umbilical can hook up to a surface that have a stable power source. the light head umbilical features a wet-connect 16 gauge divers series to give you an idea. My dive light have a battery pack (NiMH 13.2v, 3.8 Amp Hour, 50 Watt Hours), its a dual light head lamp features 12watt 10deg spot beam and 20 watt 10deg spot beam (mr11 halogen light bulbs) powering option: 12watt, 20watt, 12watt+20watt. now this is one of the main reasons why i wanna DIY dive light controller to eliminate the battery burn time and have a stable power source above surface instead because im plan to stay underwater for 6 hours max.

I made a quick design what i have in mind of what a dive light controller would look like take a look:

Input Voltage: 12VDC
Output Voltage: 8V (0%) - 13.2V (100%) adjustable
Power Draw: 60W from mains
Maximum Load: 50W channel
2 Ressetable Fuses (main and termial)
Instrument: digital and analog gauge read-out

i put alotta taught into this.. and i know this will work for better power source a dive light head but i just dont quite know how to look for electronic to make this happen, a tutorial where i can buy parts and solder them together. hook me up please.

thank you!

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Feb 1, 2008
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Uffffff...........It will ended that nobody want this .... even you :) . Ok if you want to sharpen your design skills ,programming driver , but practically ..... Sorry because I'm honest .
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