Do you actually use your copper or brass lights ?


Aug 27, 2006
Brass-Head! My favorite martial arts movie villain. He was Number 4.
And yes, I absolutely use the ones I have. (y) (y)


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Dec 2, 2007
I do not own any copper/brass lights but this goes for anything I buy: I buy items to use, so no matter what they are, they get used as they were designed. If i bought something too expensive/nice to use, I'd move it to a better home or not purchase it in the first place.

Some people like to collect or have shelf queens, That is not me. If I can't talk myself into using something for the same reason you are asking, then it goes to a better home, where it can be used or sit on a shelf looking pretty. Just my opinion/thoughts on the matter

INFRNL said it perfectly for me

I use my flashlights as tools, for what they are designed for

Now, having said that, I do understand that people enjoy them for other reasons

It would be a boring world if we all liked/did the same things!


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Sep 28, 2000
I had a stainless steel 3 mode AAA light that I carried for many years. on my key ring. Loved it. Looked the same when I lost as when I bought it.

In general I guess I would consider myself a small time collector. Have a display area in the movie room with my nicer lights in it. A few might get used during power outages, but mostly they just sit there. Others sit in a closet, in a box. For actual use, I use my pocket light...right now that's an Olight I5R...standard thingy. I also have a cheap Ryobi 120ish lumen 18 volt light that sees a lot of use.

So my copper, brass and titanium lights...along with a few other nicer lights, no, not used. My kids will probably sell them when I'm planted in the ground (at 66 might not be that far away)...or maybe they'll hold on to them to remember how nutty I was.