does your H502 work with eneloop XX batteries ?


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Jan 29, 2010
I pre-ordered the H502 when it was first released. I tried it with the Sanyo Eneloop XX batteries and the light won't even turn on. I have already spoke with zebralight about this because I know it's suppose to work, they told me so. I am just curious to how many other people have had problems with the h502 not powering on with the XX batteries ? I want to send it out for repair because I love my eneloop XX'S, but I only have 4 of them compared to my 50 2nd generation regular eneloops, and the regular eneloops work as they should. PLUS who the hell want's to wait a month for zebralight to fix my light... sure as hell not me, I use it every day.

also my sc52W works perfect with the XX's.

I started an entire separate thread for this, because I am curious to what would cause it to not work right ? why would this work perfect with all my other eneloops, but won't even power on with the XX batteries. Can someone explain to me why this would happen ???


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Apr 29, 2012
I had the same problem with my 502d (got it about a year ago). Newer lights like my SC52 and 502w don't have this problems.

The button top of the XX batteries is not as high as the one of the normal eneloops, thus it does not reach deep enough in the reverse polarity protection hole of the 502 to make contact.

How I fixed it:
I used a hole punch to stamp a couple of copper disks out of copper tape (the one that I use to wrap P60 dropins).
I put them together and sticked them on the contact inside the 502. Easiest way to do this was to place them on the top of a battery with the sticky side up and carefully insert it into the 502.
As far as I remember I used about 3-4 of this copper disks to fill the gap that was missing to make contact for eneloop XX batteries.

Maybe you could use other spacers like magnets or non sticky metal disks, but with the tape I don't have to fiddle around each time I swap the battery and don't have to worry about loosing/forgetting my spacer.


Jun 30, 2006

I have a ton of Eneloops ... but not the newer versions. So, i'm unaware of any dimensional differences.

I have the 502d and it works well with my "regular" Eneloops.