Dorcy Headlamp with amazing throw.

Lighthouse one

Flashlight Enthusiast
May 4, 2006
Ephrata, Pa
I got Dorcy headlamp, model 41-2097, at the recent CPF campout in NJ. It's only a $16 lamp at Amazon, but does it ever throw for an inexpensive light!


It uses 3 aaa batteries. Very light, and it has 134 lumens. It acts more like a flashlight. It throws a tight spot with a decent spill. No problem 75 to 100 feet. Now its rated for much further than that, but this is usable distance.


Its very light and comfortable. Tilts almost 90 degrees down. Since it has a short lens, it does not reflect into your eyes..even if you wear glasses. Several of my headlamps do this, and I have to wear them over my cap- or hang them under my neck.


The spot and spill are very clean. It has a high, low and strobe. The low is only about 20% less than the high. These are the only weakness. If this light had a lower low, and no strobe- it would be headlamp of the year! I still like it a lot. There is also a model with a diffused output. 41-2096.

If you've always wanted a headlamp that throws decent, but didn't want to spend $100- this is it!