Drive 2D LED maglite on 3 batteries?



Hi all, I am trying to do something somewhat dumb and I want to know if it will work.

Long story short, can I run a 2D magLED on 3xAA?

My brother asked for a light with a rocker switch instead of a clicky. No idea why.

I bought this 2D mag-LED on sale, and I, um, destroyed the switch in the interest of science. Nasty little Torx T8 set screw in there, but the wrench has to fit through a tiny tiny hole to get there. Now I want to cut down and rethread the barrel, ditch the tailspring and hollow out the tailcap, and make an adorable 1D flashlight. But I want to get one of those 3AA-1D adapters (I can only find them at KD, do you know where to get them?). Will it work?

Anyway once I destroyed it I decided it would be a good candidate for a rocker switch. I may put it in the old hole, or cut a new hole closer to the bezel. (And fill the old hole with... dunno...) Thanks for any advice.

I did find that if you short the switch, the stock tailcap kinda acts as a twisty. Not sure why (anodizing??) but it's off (open circuit) unless the tailcap is screwed in tight.